Vaccination and Steralization Programmes

The Whole Team W.A.G. and volunteers who give their all for the Welfare of Animals in Goa.

Cow Shelter

Our cow shelter which is the only one in Goa which treats injured cattle and rehomes them.

Before & After

At WAG we have resuced innumerable animals from injury such as Gopal, click to see our before and after photo section.

It is estimated, that worldwide 20 million dogs are brutally killed every year. That’s a whopping 38 per minute.!!!

We report dogs and cats in our community for Sterilization, and encourage others to do the same. One single unsterilized dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in 6 years, and a single unsterilized cat and her offspring, 42,000 kittens in 7 years.

As part of our Semi-Care Programme, we also re-home abandoned animals, and where necessary, provide medicine and ongoing support to their care-givers. WAG also vaccinates and de-worms a number of strays who are not dependent on us for food.

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WAG also has a small Goshala (cow shelter) where we rescue injured stray cattle and try and re-home them.  Furthermore, we have one of the only Bio-Gas plants in Goa and encourage others to take part in such sustainability methods so that eventually there are no stray cattle suffering on the streets.

The increasing “development” in Goa is taking its toll on the once abundant wildlife.  At WAG we have also helped rescue several wild animals such as Russell’s Vipers, Pythons, Eagles, Parrots, Owls, Mongooses and Civet cats.

Aims and Objectives

  • Through our “Stray Cattle Programme”, we are aiming towards a day when there are no stray cattle wandering the streets, as many end up in the illegal slaughter industry, or die from eating plastic, or are victims of vehicle accidents.
  • To achieve our long term goal as above, we have pioneered a “Cattle Sterilisation Programme” and have already successfully sterilised several bull calves.
  • To reduce unnecessary suffering of stray dogs and cats, we have set up a WAG veterinary clinic with our full-time veterinary surgeon Dr Upendra Kumar, where we are sterilising as many stray dogs and cats in North Goa as possible.
  • To home as many stray dogs and cats as possible through our Semi-Care Adoption schemes.
  • To feed and monitor the health of stray beach dogs and cats during the monsoon season (Many dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves during these months with the tourists gone and the beach shacks that provide them food closed down). Many cats and dogs will not make it through a monsoon without the help of WAG.
  • To protect dogs and cats against diseases such as rabies and other viruses and parasites by vaccinating and de-worming them.
  • To educate local youngsters on the importance of animal welfare. We have over 20 “waglets” who accompany adult volunteers for the beach feeding, as well as individually initiating school projects and being involved in WAG events.
  • To support local animal owners with educational resources, providing medical treatment, microchipping, boarding and other facilities that help enhance the lives of the locally owned animals.

Roshni and Ossie the owl   SITA Cow Wag Goshala Siolim

WAG is a Registered Trust in Goa, with Registration Number: BRZ-BK4-00013-2012

How we came to be

Atul Sarin and Stephanie Panayiotou, with the support of a small group of dedicated animal lovers, having many years of animal welfare experience, decided to set up WAG with an emphasis on adoptions and sterilisations. They also realised that many cows in Goa are abandoned by their owners and are strays too; they face similar difficulties to stray dogs and cats.

Founder Members

Atul Sarin

For further details of our team visit ‘Team WAG’

Rajah , Sweetie