What we do and What we offer

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  • Rescue: Injured animals, abandoned puppies or animals in distress are far too common and widespread in India.  At WAG, we rescue and treat these animals, some of which have become resident WAG pets, and others whom we have successfully re-homed.

IMG_0327 Whiskey in Wheels

  • Cow Shelter: Cows have a hard life in India; they are mostly left on the streets to fend for themselves.  This makes them prone to vehicle accidents and as they are forced to forage for their own food, they scavenge through piles of rubbish eating anything from plastic to battery cells.  Our shelter provides a safe haven for these animals where they are fed a healthy balanced diet mostly sourced from our own unique Cow Garden (where tree fodder is grown e.g. bananas), receive treatment and even get their coats brushed therapeutically.

NK Cows and Jill  Cows and Banana leaves

  • Bio-Gas Plant: We have installed one of North Goa’s first bio-gas plants (where cow dung is converted to clean cooking fuel, which is used for cooking food for the beach dogs and other animals we look after).  We are encouraging local villages and communities to do the same in order to alleviate the suffering stray cattle endure.  Stray cattle will thus no longer be seen as a hindrance by the locals.

bio & Cows    Sarpanch Bio Gas

  • Beach Feeding programme: During the months from May to October, it is monsoon and the “off” season when the beach dogs have no more sources of food (the rest of the year they are fed by the beach shacks and tourists).  Our volunteers go out every day with pots of cooked and dry food to feed the beach packs that are under WAG’s care. This programme includes monitoring the health of the animals, vaccinating them, checking them for injuries and providing or referring them for treatment as appropriate.  This programme also raises awareness within local communities of the importance of caring for these animals. What has really surprised us is that the dogs, in the monsoon, miss human affection and physical contact as much as they miss a guaranteed meal. So “cuddling” is also part of our duties!


  • Re-homing programme: Primarily for cats, dogs and cows, but principally any animal that we have rescued that needs a home.  We ensure the suitability of each home first and provide the new owners with all documentation and advice required to ensure that the new addition to the family happily settles in.

Kitten adoption  queen Sweetie Aug12

  • Semi-care programme: Adopted dogs and cats are monitored and practical help is given to the new owners such as providing training tips, bowls, flea collars, toys, leads and collars.  We also provide food and veterinary care in some cases.  This means visiting each dog or cat a minimum of two times a year. This project was set up to help locals who would not otherwise be able to afford or know how to care for a pet.  We have found this to be a great solution in re-homing many animals whilst giving disadvantaged local families the opportunity to love a pet and be loved.
  • Pioneering: In India there is often a lack of resources and sadly this means that the animals suffer.  At WAG, we will do everything we can to overcome these challenges. Some examples include sterilising bull calves, sourcing various supplements and super foods to ensure our animals receive the best diet for their condition, having a cow frame built to ensure that our cows are not stressed when needing to be restrained, providing a fully functioning veterinary clinic, integrating natural and conventional medicine, sourcing certain medicines and supplies from overseas that are not available locally. We even stock anti-venom for administering to victims of snake bite.We have initiated a group on FB (Pet Life) where the local animal lovers exchange useful information, report animals in distress, coordinate with other members and organisations, reach out to those animals, and ensure that timely help and support is provided. Many an animal has been rescued with coordinated effort by the volunteers.

IMG_3796 NK Bullu and Cows

Our Clinic:

  • Veterinary surgeon: Our full time veterinary surgeon carries out consultations and provides appropriate medical treatment including surgical procedures
  • Vaccinations and de-worming: For rabies, 7-in-1 for dogs, cat flu, various anti-parasitic treatments
  • Boarding kennels: Our WAG clinic offers boarding facilities for our canine companions.
  • Microchipping: We microchip both dogs and cats at our clinic. This involves injecting an electronic tag into your animal (virtually painless) with the owner’s contact details, so if the animal were to go missing and taken to a local vet, the animal can be scanned and traced back to its owner.
  • Merchandise and supplies: Our WAG shop has cat cages, leads, puppy training leads, cat and dog collars (plain and LED flashing collars), pet toys, WAG t-shirts and mugs, as well as some tasty and healthy organic products for you to enjoy too. Remember, all proceeds go towards helping the animals.

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