Meet the Team at WAG

Atul Sarin

 Kishore Atul Niks photo April15

Atul Sarin, founder of WAG visited Goa on holiday in 2000 and witnessed the suffering endured by the stray animals which affected him deeply.  Consequently, he permanently moved to Goa, giving up his successful business in the UK and has never looked back.    Atul started feeding as many starving dogs as possible but soon realised that this was not enough and sterilisation was the only way forward and that is exactly what he has done, steadily expanding the charity and saving more and more lives each day, especially including cats whose suffering is often ignored.  Atul is passionate not only about reducing the stray animal population and saving lives, but he also pioneers new programmes to ensure sustainability of the charity and long term goals of enhancing animal welfare.

Dr Upendra Kumar

Dr U and Sweetheart

Doctor Upendra Kumar is from Jharkhand state and moved to Goa in order to join WAG in July 2014.  Dr. Upendra has sterilised over 300 animals since then, using his special surgical skills resulting in a very high success rate.  He also genuinely loves the animals and has formed his own extended family living with some of our rescued strays at the clinic.  Dr. Upendra is also well respected and liked by owners who are drawn to his caring and approachable manner.


Stephanie Panayiotou


Stephanie’s first trip to Goa was at the end of 2011 for a holiday, however after meeting Atul and experiencing his total devotion and sacrifice to helping the animals of Goa in desperate need, her plans soon changed. Not only did she spend her whole trip working with Atul and the animals, but it was at that time that Stephanie realised being a vet was her true calling.  On her return to London she did everything she needed to do to get herself into vet school and now Stephanie is a vet student term time and a dedicated WAG volunteer during the holidays. Stephanie believes in what WAG does to such an extent that it changed her whole life plan and she feels very blessed to be in a position to help the animals who endure such extensive suffering. Once her studies are completed, she will be returning to Goa to dedicate her time and new vet skills to serve the animals at WAG and beyond whilst drawing on her skills as a Naturopath to practice preventative and integrative animal medicine.

Dipankar Badao


Dipankar, who worked as a security guard in the vicinity of WAG, quit his job in order to join us. A dedicated animal lover and a quick learner, this cheerful young man has made himself indispensable in the short time that he has been with us. Cleaning animal cages, bandaging cow wounds, participating in beach feeding – he does it all, and today he even assists the vet at our veterinary clinic. Dipankar is an example of someone who has found his life’s true mission and purpose.

Crysel Garg


Crysel has been working with animals for the past 8 years. She has dedicated her entire adult life to caring for animals from volunteering at Veterinary Clinics and NGOs.  She studied Animal Management and then went on to graduate with a Master’s in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law.  She does everything, from walking and feeding the dogs, catching cattle, dressing wounds to heading our social media platform. She has truly found her place at WAG and we could not be more delighted to have her on board.

Sunita Kripalani


Sunita, a writer and book editor, helps out at the WAG veterinary clinic where she has been volunteering ever since the clinic was set up in October 2014.  Maintaining records of neutered and spayed animals, updating and organising the daily paperwork to ensure the smooth functioning of the clinic are some of the tasks she prefers to lend a hand with.

S Mary Parham


Mary has spent her whole life helping two-legged people as a physiotherapist, a vocation that has been immensely rewarding.
Twelve years ago, Mary and her husband Robert gave up everything in the UK to come and live in India in order to look after some Indian children that they adopted.
Mary has always been a pet lover and considers pets to be her babies. When they first came here, they brought over their own dogs and adopted some local street animals too. At the same time, they cared for the neighbourhood stray cats and dogs.
Realising that she wanted to do more in life and pursue her passion for animal welfare, Mary started volunteering at WAG. She enthusiastically describes her experience as of the most fulfilling things she has done in life.  Mary’s time is now divided between yoga, her human and animal children and WAG where she helps with hands on work such as dressing the wounds on the cows, providing obedience training to the younger dogs, ensuring they are free of ticks and fleas and get adequate exercise.

Ramesh Pun

Ramesh Govind

Ramesh is our youngest and most enthusiastic helper who loves working with all the cows, goats and turkey at the shelter.


Raj Asha

Raj is one of our most dedicated workers. He relates to the suffering of many of our animals as he lost his arm in a road accident a few years ago. But that does not stop him from doing anything such as catching cows to cleaning enclosures.



Limba takes care of the many dogs and cats that we have at the WAG clinic. He also drives our ambulance in case of emergencies. He loves working with all the puppies and kittens and we are lucky to have such enthusiasm from such a young man.


Sanju Govind.

Sanju enjoys working at the shelter where he bandages wounds, feeds all the animals and catches dogs and cows. He is extremely hard working and truly loves what he does.


We have an exceptional team of volunteers who help make our work possible:

Di Cooper, Michaela Kelemen, Susan Singh, Meghna Mehta, Duncan and Linda Wick, Katrina Harris, Jenna Roberts, Sue Taylor, Jon Kayshap, Louise Crossland, Rabia Krishnan, Gita Sahni, Sharmila Desai and her children Arjuna & Asha, Karen Peace & many more.


Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

Deviprasad C Rao

Dr Kiran Kumar


Dr Aruna Viswanathan

Aadhi Vishal

Mr Gregory De Souza