37-welfare-for-animals-in-goa-asha-largeGender – Female

Birthdate – 1st January 1998

Location – WAG Shelter, Siolim

Color – Golden Brown

Treatment: Asha was involved in a serious road accident . Her horn was broken , with cuts and grazes all over her body. Asha is too old to operate and was also severely malnourished , so is getting her wound treated at the Siolim shelter where she receives TLC., and is making a good recovery.

Sterilized: No need.

Special Requirement: We suspect Asha was beaten and has a deep rope wound on her nose . It will take her time to trust humans again.

Owner: c/o WAG Shelter Siolim

Sponsored: YES, by Aman , Nandita, Vania and Udhay Chopra, N Delhi, till Nov 2013. Thank you, young Udhay and Vania

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