kaliBirthdate – 10 August 2012

Location – Arpora

Color – Black with white markings

Treatment: Kali was brought to WAG as she had both her horns digging deep into her skull. This painful incident was taken care of once and for all when he horns were cut. A day later she gave birth to a beautiful boy, Shankar, at the WAG shelter. Both Kali and Shankar will live at the shelter, where they are safe and happy to be together.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: Supplementation needed for producing milk.

Owner: NA

Sponsored: Currently seeking sponsorship.


Anup, bull

anupBirthdate – 19 June 2007

Location – Siolim

Color – White

Treatment: Anup was once used for ploughing and then dumped on the streets when he got too old. Sadly, he was starving and made his way into a farmer’s field for food. The farmer did not take a liking to this and axed Anup on his leg. The serious wound caused left Anup limping for days with maggots and an infection before he was rescued. He is now all healed and will live the rest of his life safely at the WAG shelter.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: Loves eating pav, cabbage and daal.

Owner: NA

Sponsored: Currently seeking sponsorship.


Ricky Calf

ricky 2Birthdate – 02 September 2017

Location – Anjuna

Color – Dark Brown

Treatment: Little Ricky was found in the pouring rain after being run over by an SUV. He was left with a huge wound to his leg which attracted maggots, infections and was possibly dislocated. Luckily, he got the treatment he needed once at WAG and is healing very well.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: WAG volunteers have to check on Boria every 3 months to ensure that the hoof is in good condition.

Owner: NA

Sponsored: Currently seeking sponsorship.



Gender –Female

Birthday – 09-12-2014

Location – WAG Clinic

Color – Golden Brown

Treatment: Dear Naina suffered an injury to her left eye from reasons unknown. She had built up a white spot that was blocking the use of her eye meaning she wouldn’t have been able to survive well as a stray. Since at the clinic, Naina has been receiving continuous eye drops and supplements to help her with her problem. Her white spot is now almost completely gone and she will soon return to her family.

Sterilized: Yes 2015

Special Requirement:  Loves eating beef mince & rice

Sponsored: YES! Thank you Linda O’Brien.

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Gender –Male

Birthday – 12-09-2015

Location – Assagao

Color – Brown & Grey

Treatment: The very sweet Pasha was abandoned by his previous owners outside a dedicated animal rescuer, Linda O’Brien’s house. He was malnourished and very un-trusting of people, but who can blame him! Pasha is now at the WAG clinic where he will be vaccinated and sterilized before he can be rehomed into a loving family.

Sterilized: No

Special Requirement:  Greets everyone with a happy howl!

Sponsored: YES! Thank you Linda O’Brien.

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Gender –Male

Birthday – 25/01/2015

Location – Keerti Vidyala School, Siolim

Color – White & brown

Treatment: Sweet Wolfie was abandoned by his previous owners in Siolim. He bravely made his way to the school where the kids enjoyed having him as company during their classes. Sadly, he was hit by a speeding vehicle leaving his hip bone fractured and in need of removal. Post surgery, Wolfie has healed completely and was returned back to his school. Much to our surprise, he came back to the clinic the very next day! 6 more attempts later and he just kept coming back! Wolfie is now looking for a home that can provide him with all the security & love he deserves.

Sterilized: Yes

Special Requirement:  Loves to sleep near his girlfriend, Aalia.

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship.

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Gender –Male

Birthday – 17/06/2017

Location – Fernandez Vaddo, Goa

Color – Brown

Treatment: Innocent Julio had a rough start to life when he was run over by a speeding two-wheeler. He suffered a fracture to his front leg and was completely terrified of all people when he first came to the WAG clinic. A few bandages and medicines later, Julio is all healed! He has turned into a lovely, cutie pie who now loves to sit on your lap and take a nap! Julio is looking for his forever home.

Sterilized: No

Special Requirement: Must allow him to nap in your lap for at least 20 minutes every day!

Sponsored: YES! Thank you Valerie.

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Gender –Male

Birthday – 03/07/2015

Location – Mapusa Petrol Pumo

Color – White & Light Brown

Treatment: Umbuntu is a gentle giant. He was rescued by a loyal animal lover from Mapusa Petrol Pump. Umbuntu was malnourished, dirty and had pus coming out of his eyes and nose when he was first brought to WAG. A little TLC and proper diet has turned him into a handsome, loving young dog. Umbuntu is a calm, loving soul who only wants to be loved in return. He is currently looking for his forever home.

Sterilized: Yes 2016

Special Requirement:  Must be petted first!

Sponsored: YES! Thank you Lindi O’Brien

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Gender –Female

Birthday – 05/05/2013

Location – Giurium, Goa

Color – White & Black

Treatment: Lexi has been suffering from a severe skin condition for well over six months now. She was rescued by WAG as her owners were out of options on what to do next regarding her treatment. Her hind legs were swollen and she would no longer use her left leg. Upon X-ray it was soon found out that Lexi, luckily, did not have a fracture or any broken bones. The swelling from her legs had caused her so much pain that she chose to no longer use her leg. As a result, her leg muscles have completely tensed up and she is unable to voluntarily put her leg down. Lexi now receives treatment for her skin condition and daily special physiotherapy for her leg.

Sterilized: No

Special Requirement:  Needs daily medication & physiotherapy

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship

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Gender –Female

Birthday – 01/09/2017

Location – Morjim

Color – Brown & White

Treatment: Little Sandy was rescued from the grips of a plastic bag. She was tied up and thrown in the middle of a busy road. WAG volunteers saw Sandy sticking her head out desperately trying to scream for help. She was malnourished, covered in ticks and shivering from her traumatic ordeal. Luckily, she is all cleaned up and healthy now. Sandy is looking for a loving home that will give her all the care she needs in the world.

Sterilized: No

Special Requirement:  Needs lots of hugs & cuddles

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship.

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