Boria Calf

36-welfare-for-animals-in-goa-boria-calf-largeGender – Male

Birthdate – 15th March 2012

Location – Porta Vaddo Siolim

Color – Chocolate, Red Brown.

Treatment: Like many calfs , Boria had his hoof badly cut due to a motor vehicle carelessly driving over it . His would had become maggot ridden, and he would have died, as most cows cannot survive this injury. After receivingmedical care at WAGs Siolim shelter, his hoof comletely healed, and he is now back at his farm with his mum. So far , the gentlest calf ever.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: WAG volunteers have to check on Boria every 3 months to ensure that the hoof is in good condition.

Owner: A farm in Siolim, but they will not pay for any treatment!!

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