45-welfare-for-animals-in-goa-buddy-pup-largeGender – Male

Birthdate – 25th March 2013

Location – WAG Shelter, Siolim

Color – Black, white with golden brown stripes

Treatment: Dewormed 28.05.2013 Zerokeet herbal treatment for mainge. Multi vits, Vengro & Polybion Shampoo , BetPen Vacs: To be vacinated 10.06.2013, 10.07.2013 & 10.08.2014.

Sterilized: Yes

Special Requirement: Buddy arrived in a poor condition with severe skin disorders and was running a temperature.Buddy is a good natured little chap, & loves to play with kittens.

Owner: Yes, Buddy now lives happily with his Soulmate Dobi, with guardian Anita

Sponsored: YES,till 25.12.2014