Gender –Female

Birthday – 12-07-2014

Location – Bammon Vaddo, Siolim

Color – White

Treatment: Choti as found tied up in a plastic bag in the middle of the road. WAG volunteers were on their way back from rescuing a cow when they noticed a white plastic bag moving frantically across the road. Once they caught the bag they found a one month old kitten screaming, shaking and terrified. She was immediately brought to the WAG clinic and given lots of food, water & love. TEAM WAG’s Rama decided to adopt Choti into his family of 3 dogs so she could finally have a happy home.

Sterilized: Yes 2015

Special Requirement:  Requires pats on the head, NOT BELLY!

Owner: TEAM WAG’s Rama

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship.

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