Q. Why don’t the local people who adopt the animals care for them properly?
A. A majority of fosterers do, but some don’t, due to their financial status,eg for some people, Rs300.00 (£3) for a years course of de-worming tablets, is a lot of money. Or, sometimes a lack of knowledge in aftercare, eg “training”, and basic first aid.

Q. Why don’t you leave the dogs to Nature, they will survive wont they?
A. Some will survive, but most, especially puppies will die a horrible and slow death. Monsoon is a hard time, with no food or shelter. Nature did not invent The Tourist Season!

Q. Can’t the dogs go to the village to get fed?
A. Don’t forget dogs are territorial (like us!), so beach dogs risk attack from village dogs and humans. They can be inflicted with severe cuts which then lead to infections in the damp climate as well as being the victims of broken bones from being hit with wooden sticks and metal poles.

Q. What about all the starving people in the world, shouldn’t we help them first?
A. Yes, starving people are more important, but we feel we humans have the capacity to help ALL beings. Our hearts are big enough. One could also argue that at the end of the day, “the stray dog situation is a human creation”.

Q. I thought cows were sacred animals in India, so why are stray cattle such a problem?

A.Sadly even though the Hindus hold cows in high esteem, the majority of Indian communities are involved in the cruel treatments of cows.  This cruelty takes many forms including, abandoning older/sick/injured animals as they are no longer of ‘use’ to them, throwing acid on them if they are found foraging close to private land, hitting a cow through careless driving and driving off and letting their working cattle roam the streets to find their own food.  Sadly the number of stray and injured cattle is increasing and very few people are doing anything to help.

Q. Why does my cat or dog need to be sterilised, I have heard that it is ideal to let the females have at least 1 litter first.

A. This is simple really. In India there are FAR too many unwanted animals and as a result millions of animals in India are suffering daily.  There is a lot we can’t do, but there is also a lot we can do.  Sterilising your pet not only helps to control the population, but helps other stray animals get homed that may not get that opportunity if someone choses your puppies/kittens instead.  Furthermore neutering your pet enhances their welfare in later years, in females neutering can be life saving as it prevents them from potentially fatal conditions such as pyometra and ovarian cancers.  In males, conditions such as testicular and prostate cancers are drastically reduced.

Q. Is it better to have a male or a female cat or dog?

A. There is no ideal sex, each animal will have its own identify and character and once sterilised and provided with a happy and safe home, both females and males make just as good companions as the other.  Male dogs are not necessarily better guard dogs and male cats are not necessarily better at catching rodents.

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