FullSizeRender (2)Gender – Female

Birthdate – 10-05-2017

Location – Siolim

Color – Brown & White

Treatment: Goldie was hit by a bus and left for dead in the pouring rain. She has two large injuries to her left front leg. She even wears a stent from time-to-time to give her fractured leg support while she walks. Despite this, Goldie is incredibly strong and has an amazing will to live. She allows her wounds to be dressed minimal protesting and enjoys her time in the sun with the other calves. She is growing everyday and her surrogate mother, Sharmila, allows her to suckle.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: WAG has to dress her wound everyday

Owner: N.A.

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship

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