Harry, bull

Gender – Male

Birthdate – 15-04-2005

Location – Siolim

Color – Brown.

Treatment: Harry was once used for ploughing but was soon abandoned by his “owners”. He was brought to WAG because of an eye injury that resulted in his whole eye being removed, to prevent the infection spreading any further. Harry now needs his wound dressed every other day and bandaged so he cannot cause further damage by rubbing it. He is a friendly, extremely good natured bull who has taken a liking to our new resident, Gauri, and her newborn Asha. With his magnificent large horns, Harry has now settled into his new family and will continue receiving the treatment he needs.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: Harry’s wound needs to be dressed every other day.

Owner: NA

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship.