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How YOU can Help! There are a number of ways in which you can help.


WAG receives no government funding, and relies on your donations, to buy medicines and other clinical equipment, food, collars, leads, cages, along with costs of rescuing, catching and transporting sick animals or those requiring sterilisation.

Example of possible donations and how your money is utilized:

500 rupees (£5)
  • 10 worming tablets (treating 3 dogs for 1 year) or Vaccinate 2 dogs against rabies for 1 year
1000 rupees (£10)
  • Vaccinate 1 dog or 1 cat against 6 viruses for 1 year (Using the “All-In-1”)
2000 rupees (£20)
  • Sterilize 1 dog or cat (including all operative and post operative medication, rabies vaccination and deworming)
5000 rupees (£50)
  • Feed and fully care for 1 dog for a whole year, or
  • 1 humane dog catching net
10,000 rupees (£100)
  • Buys 1 dog and 1 cat transport cage (essential for transporting the animals humanely to and from veterinary care) or a combination of any of the above
50,000 rupees (£500)
  • Sterilizes 25 cats or dogs (including all operative and post operative medication, rabies vaccination and deworming)
1 Lak (£1000)
  • Feed and fully care for 4 family packs (20 dogs) for a whole year

Pay-it-Forward:  We now have our unique version of the ‘Pay-it-Forward’ scheme, where you have the opportunity to pay-it-forward when you sterilise your pet or vaccinate your pet.  This scheme gives you the opportunity to help a stray animal in the same way you are helping your pet. For more details please see the attached poster through this link: Pay it forward scheme WAG

We are always in need of the following items (new and used): Pet carriers, cat and dog toys, collars, leads, yoga mats, towels, bed sheets, pillows, feeding/water bowls and newspapers.

Food items required include: Dry and tinned cat and dog food, fresh fruit and vegetable scraps and other food items we can feed our increasing number of cats, dogs and cows we feed.

These can be dropped off at our clinic or if this is not possible, we can try and arrange collection.


Sponsor a dog for 360 Rupees (approximately 4.50 pounds) a month (categorized as full care). Sponsorship is for a minimum of 1 year and includes: sterilisation, feeding during the monsoon season, vaccinations against rabies, anti-virus vaccinations (eg: Parvo, Distemper), flea control, food supplements and general monitoring of the animal.

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Volunteers are always needed to help us look after the animals, some of the roles include:

  • Beach feeding during the monsoon (May-October) when stray beach dogs are at risk of starvation. Even offerring to do this once a week can make a big difference
  • To support ongoing adoptions, making sure pets get their vaccinations, de-worming and STERILIZATION when they are due
  • Assist in catching stray animals for sterilisation and helping with their post-operative care
  • Helping at the cow shelter with feeding, cleaning and grooming
  • Playing, feeding, walking, grooming, training and looking after the cats and dogs at our shelter
  • Volunteers are also needed to assist with fundraising activities, networking, collecting donations and administrative support.

With more volunteers, we will be able to reach out to areas of Goa that we are currently unable to address. This means helping additional packs of dogs from mass breeding and unnecessary suffering.

If you or anyone you know would be willing to donate some of your time to help these animals in times of need, we would be most grateful. Please refer to the contact details on the website to discuss your interest.


Spread the word

Please tell all your friends about WAG and encourage them to join our Facebook group and to donate to our cause. Join us by helping our animal friends to have dignified lives, free of chains and suffering.