Jojo, cow calf

Gender – Female

Birthdate – 13-04-2017

Location – Anjuna Bridge

Color – Chocolate Brown with White spots

Treatment: Jojo was brought to the WAG shelter with a horrific hoof injury. She was hit by a speeding taxi and had her entire hoof nail ripped off. Once at the shelter, we were able to get her bleeding under control and dressed the wound. Jojo is almost completely recovered from this horrific accident and is doing very well. She enjoys eating her favourite vegetable, cabbage, with all the other rescue calves at the shelter.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: Jojo’s wound needs to be dressed every other day

Owner: NA

Sponsored: YES, by Shevaun Choudhuri until 05/05/2018. THANK YOU!