Gender –Female

Birthday – 05/05/2013

Location – Giurium, Goa

Color – White & Black

Treatment: Lexi has been suffering from a severe skin condition for well over six months now. She was rescued by WAG as her owners were out of options on what to do next regarding her treatment. Her hind legs were swollen and she would no longer use her left leg. Upon X-ray it was soon found out that Lexi, luckily, did not have a fracture or any broken bones. The swelling from her legs had caused her so much pain that she chose to no longer use her leg. As a result, her leg muscles have completely tensed up and she is unable to voluntarily put her leg down. Lexi now receives treatment for her skin condition and daily special physiotherapy for her leg.

Sterilized: No

Special Requirement:  Needs daily medication & physiotherapy

Sponsored: No, currently seeking sponsorship

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