40-welfare-for-animals-in-goa-lucky-pup-largeGender – Male

Birthdate – 1st December 2012

Location – WAG Shelter, Siolim

Color – PINK!, due to severe Mainge

Treatment: Chronic Mainge and skin disorder, due to being separated from his mother too early , and then being abandoned on a beach. Deworming, Zerokeet Liquid, Petben shampoo, multivitamins, and livertonic.

Sterilized: No :Too early

Special Requirement: Lucky is the youngest pup at the WAG shelter. He has a 50% chance of surviving. He is so brave.

Owner: Not yet

Sponsored: yes, by kam,Liz,asha & Devan of Siolim, till Jan 2014. Thank you.