Gender –Female

Birthday – NA

Location – ATM Siolim Plaza, Goa

Color – Golden Brown

Treatment: Polly was found with a snare trap wire tied around her neck and under her legs. Even with the wire causing an infection, Polly still had stones thrown at her due to the “bad odor”. Her wounds have now completely healed but Polly is still traumatized by the mistreatment she received while she was injured. She will not come close to anyone to be petted as she is too afraid. She is now a long term resident at our clinic where we work everyday to teach her to trust people again.

Sterilized: Yes 2017

Special Requirement:  Too Timid, runs away and not ready to be adopted.

Sponsored: YES! Thank you Vidhu Bajaj for sponsoring Polly until 15/08/2018

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