IMG_20170727_150409_553Gender – Female

Birthdate – 20-05-2017

Location – Siolim

Color – Brown with White Marks

Treatment: Like many calves , Radha had the misfortune of having a car run over both of her front legs. These injuries can be fatal if not treated as unlike dogs & cats, cows do not stand a chance without a limb. But Radha is on her way to recovery as her wounds are healing up well. She has also found a surrogate mother, Yamuna, to suckle from and is getting stronger everyday. Radha will even lick your face in the gentlest possible way if you give her a hug.

Sterilized: WAG is researching this issue.

Special Requirement: WAG has to dress her wounds everyday.

Owner: N.A.

Sponsored: Yes! By Ashish & Beulah Garg